Camouflaging & Cleaning your ARD

2020 Apr 17th

In critical counter sniper situations, the killFlash® disk’s black honeycomb surface can be painted to match a camouflage scheme. Get full directions on how to camouflage your ARD at Armament … read more

What is XLUME®?

2020 Apr 17th

XLUME® coating on the honeycomb tubes is one of the secrets to the killFLASH® ARD’s great performance. XLUME® is not simply black paint. It is a coating with a fine microstructure that captures … read more

How ARDs Work

2020 Apr 17th

Being seen can mean being hit Being detected because of reflections has resulted in the loss of personnel, the failure of missions... and even changed the course of battles. ARDs (Anti-Ref … read more