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SpecterDR 1.5x/6x Reticle

  • Traditional crosshair design
  • Half and full MRAD subtentions on the crosshairs allow accurate holdover for both wind and elevation
  • Lots of open glass to easily spot your trace and fall of shot
  • Bold stadia lines mean the reticle stands out even against low contrast backgrounds
  • Illumination is restricted to only the center of the crosshairs
SpecterDR 1.5x/6x Recticle 1
SpecterDR 1.5x/6x Recticle 2


The Specter DR provides two reticle modes: A Red Dot at the center of the crosshairs, and a Range Estimating and Drop Compensation Reticle. Each reticle mode has multiple brightness settings and is set by the Illumination switch on the left side of the sight.

  • CQB – 1X Magnification with a 6 MOA illuminated red dot
  • Long Range Red Dot – 4X Magnification with a 1.5 MOA illuminated red dot
  • Long Range Crosshair – 4X Magnification with an illuminated ballistically compensated and ranging reticle
  • DFOV156-C1 & T1 reticles: SpecterDR 1.5x/6x: (5.56x45mm) is calibrated with NATO M855 (62gr) on a 20” Barrel
  • DFOV156-C2 & T2 reticles: SpecterDR 1.5x/6x: (7.62x51mm) is calibrated with a BLENDED 147gr NATO and a 168gr -MATCH on a 20” Barrel

Scopes With the SpecterDR 1.5x/6x Reticle