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The legacy that built ELCAN

Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies is a fully integrated, global provider of precision optics for Medical, Defense and Security, Industrial, Commercial and Entertainment customers.


With a legacy spanning more than 160 years in the design and fabrication of high precision optics, Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies’ founding companies include Ernst Leitz (Germany) and Hughes Aircraft (U.S.A.). The name is synonymous with quality, innovation and performance. Optics by Raytheon ELCAN are found in the most demanding, high-precision optical systems in the world.

Best choice for Long Range Precision

ELCAN Combat Scopes are amongst the best optical rifle scopes in the world. Individually Specter and SpecterDR optical scopes are the most popular choice for the Defense, Homeland Security, and Sporting markets for Long Range Precision Rifle Sights & OEM Mounting solutions.

Learn how to zero your ELCAN SpecterDR

Armament Technology & ELCAN:

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