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Scope Covers

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Why get a scope cover? Serious marksmen know that a scope or telescopic sight is an integral part of their gear. In fact, having a qood quality scope might be more important than having a good quality rifle. Let's face it, the scope magnifies your target over the distance and assists your focus on the target.  As well, the scope should be designed to reduce internal light loss and glare. Evenly transmitted light will give you better color fidelity, contrast, and increase the sharpness of the image. Because of all that, a good scope increases your accuracy and range. It can also be more comfortable to use and has been proven to improve safety. Many scopes also offer additional features such as adjustment knobs, illumination enhancement, variable magnification and parallax compensation.

With all that a scope offers your kit, you want to keep it in good working order as long as possible. A flip up scope cover offers protection from the elements and accidental damage such as scratches. But a good scope cover shouldn't make it harder to use your rifle. Tenebraex® products are in use by militaries and special forces around the world. Our flip up scope covers have field tested and proven features such as a locking mechanism that stays locked but easily keeps the open cover out of your field of view. Each of our scope covers is custom designed to fit the brand and model and features you will find most useful in the field.

We have over 4,000 different flip covers custom designed to fit scopes from Leupold, Vortex, Trijicon, Nightforce, Sig Sauer, Bushnell, Butler Creek, Schmidt & Bender and many other manufacturers. Our field proven scope covers are available for ocular and objective ends, in different colors. Not just flip covers, the Tenebraex line includes Anti-reflection devices, Polarizers and Laser Filters. Find your make and model to see all the options available.