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About Tangent Theta

The Tangent Theta Story

Tangent Theta Incorporated is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and was established to design and build a series of rifle telescopes specifically for the requirements of Professional Marksmen.


Our company has assembled an extremely experienced rifle telescope development team consisting of optical designers, mechanical designers, engineers and international-class long range marksmen. All have either worked for or consulted to the most prestigious names in the optical sighting systems industry.


We design, develop and produce rifle telescopes that are beyond reproach in all aspects of design, utility, and service performance. We develop these products for precision marksmen across all markets, including professional marksmen, competitive shooters and recreational hunters/shooters.


Tangent Theta rifle telescopes are built in our own manufacturing facility in Halifax and distributed internationally by Armament Technology Incorporated.


See some of the tests every Tangent Theta product undergoes.