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Anti-Reflection Devices

Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your rifle scope!

Block glint and stop reflections with the same killFLASH® ARD’s in use by militaries around the world. Optic reflections have resulted in the loss of personnel, the failure of missions, botched hunts and missed opportunities. killFLASH® ARD’s are the original and still the best option for removing mission killing glint. if they don’t see you… they don’t shoot you.®

Anti Reflection Devices For Rifle Optics

We Fit Your Rifle

Our extensive inventory means we have killFLASH® ARD's to fit many brands and models of scopes. We are constantly working to expand our custom fits, so if you don't see what you're looking for please contact us.

Premium Optic Performance

Our 2" honeycomb killFLASH® ARD provides the same performance as a 6" sunshade. Premium performance, reduced size.

XLUME® Coating

Tenebraex's® proprietary XLUME® coating absorbs light, further reducing the potential for glint or reflections.

Designed for Military

Tenebraex® killFLASH® ARD’s were designed for the USA military and millions are in use around the world.

Optic Lens Protection

Protect your optic lens from damage and scratches.


Simply screw into front of scope. Do NOT use any thread lock compounds.Carefully thread into the objective (front) of the optic. There is a risk of cross threading on finer threads. The ARD should screw in without any resisitance. Once the ARD is fully threaded and finger tight, continue to hand tight. Do not use thread sealants or tape. To remove, turn counter clockwise.


Treat the honeycomb grid with the same care you would any fine optical surface. If clogged with dirt or grit, remove ARD from optic and blow clean.

If necessary, run palin water through the honeycomb to clear it. Tap the killFLASH® housing lightly on a surface to clear excess water, then blow through it to remove the remainder and dry it. Reinstall ARD.

Camouflaging Your Gear

In critical counter sniper situations, the killFLASH® disk’s black honeycomb surface can be painted to match a camouflage scheme.

To do this, first remove the ARD from the scope. Moisten a small piece of foam, such as a sponge, with a camo paint somewhat lighter than the color effect you want to end up with. Lightly pat the surface of the honeycomb disk with the sponge.

Do not use so much paint that the cells are filled in; you only need to paint the surface. If you do get too much paint on it, tap the killFLASH® disk sharply face down on a piece of newspaper to clear the excess.

Tenebraex® ARD Sell Sheets