Parallax Explained

2020 May 12th

Parallax is something that has confused many a shooter and has probably been the cause of more accuracy problems that many would care to admit. By definition parallax is the apparent movement of the … read more

How Weapon Sight Polarizers Work

2020 Apr 17th

The Problem Glare and reflections from glass surfaces such as windows and windshields can seriously degrade your view. In MOUT operations, surface glare can prevent the identification and ta … read more

Anti Reflection Devices

2020 Apr 17th

If you’re not camouflaging your optics... you might as well be wearing Hawaiian BDUs. We have become an optically-driven military. Modern optical systems produce the highest quality images, … read more

Glint in Military History

2020 Apr 17th

Glint is a serious threat to operational security. Being detected because of reflections has resulted in the loss of personnel, the failure of missions, and has even changed the course of battle … read more