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Tactical Tough™ Flip Covers

Rifle Scope Covers

Tactical Tough™ Flip Covers

Tenebraex® has designed the world's most trusted flip cover for virtually any optical device.

Provide your clients with the same technology trusted by the world’s foremost militaries and special forces. Tenebraex® flip covers provide the ultimate in simple, proven protection for your scope, optic, or camera system. Millions of covers are in active use by the world’s most discerning clients, protecting billions of dollars worth of equipment. Protect your investment with Tenebræx® TT (Tactical Tough™) Flip Covers. Fully rotating and quick to open. These covers are designed to be used in the harshest environments. Demand nothing but the best!

These scope covers are designed to stay locked when closed and flip back out of your way when open.

Protect the lenses on your scope from dust, dirt, grime and grit.

Full range of options for both the objective and ocular end of your scope or optic.

A full 360° of rotation means you can locate your open covers exactly where you need them, expanding your sight.

Huge inventory to fit most major optic make and models of scopes. Don't see what you're looking for? Please feel free to contact us directly!

Designed for the US Military and used by millions, our MIL-SPEC covers represent years of proven performance in the toughest environments.


Adapter Frame Ring

Slip adapter over ocular (eyepiece) or objective end of scope until it seats. Turn the T15 Torx bolt until it is finger tight. Once finger tight, tighten another 1/4 to 1/2 turn. To remove, loosen Torx bolt and pull straight backwards off of optic.

Adapter Ring

Carefully thread the adapter ring into the objective (front) of the optic. There is a risk of cross threading on finer threads. The adapter ring should screw in without any resisitance. Once the adapter ring is fully threaded and finger tight, continue to hand tight. Do not use thread sealants or tape. To remove, turn counter clockwise.

Rifle Scope Covers

Open the cover and snap cover frame onto the profile of the adapter. To remove, open cover then grab cover close to the hinge and pull straight off the adapter or optic.

Tactical Tough™ Flip Cover Sell Sheets