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XOPTEK™ Micro Reflex Sight

XOPTEK™ is a brand within the family of Armament Technology products. The XOPTEK™ Micro Reflex Sight is designed as a lightweight rapid aiming device for pistols and carbines and as an auxiliary sight for long range magnified optical sights.

In operation, the sight projects a brilliantly illuminated red dot into the user’s field of view to act as a precise aiming point for close to mid-range targets.

Micro Reflex Sight

XOPTEK™ Micro Reflex Sights may be delivered with a variety of mounting plates to accommodate various applications.

XOPTEK™ Micro Red Dot Scope has up to 68,000 hours of battery life with a 34,000 hour average using CR2032 battery that is included. Model RD-06 features a 6 MOA dot and RD-04 features a 4 MOA dot. They are waterproof up to 1 meter and feature an auto-shutoff at 8 hours

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