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SAI 6 Reticle - MRAD - RAF

  • Traditional crosshair design
  • Half and full MRAD subtentions on the crosshairs allow accurate holdover for both wind and elevation
  • Lots of open glass to easily spot your trace and fall of shot
  • Bold stadia lines mean the reticle stands out even against low contrast backgrounds
  • Illumination is restricted to only the center of the crosshairs


The MRAD reticle, featuring our proprietary Rapid Aiming Feature™, represents an innovative advancement in optical sighting systems. This cutting-edge reticle is etched, eliminating the need for electrical power, ensuring its continuous functionality as long as the optical integrity of the sighting system is maintained. While it can be enhanced by illumination, it remains operational even without it.

Designed with versatility in mind, the MRAD reticle with Rapid Aiming Feature™ is particularly well-suited for first focal plane (FFP) optical sights. FFP reticles maintain angular scaling at any magnification level but can become less conspicuous at lower magnifications. However, the Rapid Aiming Feature™ stands out prominently even at low magnification settings. Its angularly intersecting geometry naturally guides the eye to the center, making it highly effective for quick target acquisition.

At longer ranges and higher magnifications, the robust features of the Rapid Aiming Feature™ do not interfere with fine aiming elements. Instead, they form a surrounding geometry that can be used to encircle and engage poorly defined targets in challenging conditions, similar to the effectiveness of a circular peep sight.

The MRAD reticle featuring the Rapid Aiming Feature™ serves as a versatile solution for sighting systems required to perform effectively at short, medium, and long ranges. This innovative reticle is exclusive to Armament Technology Incorporated and is complemented by round-specific ballistic trajectory data, meticulously derived through scientifically controlled live fire trials.

Key features of the MRAD reticle with Rapid Aiming Feature™ include:

  • Bullet-shaped Rapid Aiming elements.
  • Graduated fine crosshair with a central floating cross.
  • Ballistically corrected holdover hashmarks.
  • Vertical Subtention Optical Rangefinder (VSOR).
  • Wind hold-off reference dots.

At close quarters (50 meters and closer), the Rapid Aiming Feature™ provides a highly prominent aiming point that stands out against the target. In these scenarios, illumination can further enhance precision by highlighting the thin stadia and central cross.

At 25 meters, the MRAD reticle, with its Rapid Aiming Feature™, collaborates with the thick horizontal stadia to frame the target and naturally guide the shooter's focus to the center. The LED illumination of the thin horizontal and vertical stadia, including the central cross, augments this feature's performance in low-light conditions, ensuring exceptional accuracy and target acquisition capabilities.

Scopes With the SAI 6 Reticle - MRAD - RAF

SAI Optics Model SAI 6 - Black