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Leupold has been around since 1907. Their long history of ingenuity and continual improvement is reflected in their products. Now called Leupold & Stevens, Leupold optics are considered best in class - their rifle scopes are the preferred option for many marksmen and hunters. Leupold's field proven scopes are accurate, rugged and dependable. They have a large range of products designed for applications from tactical hunting to long range shooting. Leupold scopes are also 100% waterproof, shock proof and fog proof.

Leupold's premier scope in terms of performance and precision is the Mark 8.  A large scope, it can be bought in two optic versions – 3.5-25x56mm and 1.1-8x24mm. The 3.5-25x56mm version has a 35mm main tube and the 1.1-8x24mm scope has a 34mm main tube. A chief advantage of the Mark 8 is the single piece, compact construction. That increases its durability - fewer failure points - and maximizes the large tube to ensure wide fields of view.  Both Mark 8 versions have illuminated reticles at their front focal planes for optimum clarity and auto-locking inch & turn adjustments.

While Leupold scopes are high quality, they also have more affordable lines. The VX3 line, as an example, has a broad range of products - over 25. Considered a top-rated hunting scope, the VX3 is available in sizes from 1.5-5x20mm to 8.5-25x50mm. The VX3 also features illuminated reticles, easy turret adjustments, and side focus. You can also choose from 30mm and 1” main tube configurations.

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