Types of Accessories

  • Weapon Sight Polarizer

    The Weapon Sight Polarizer helps see clearly through reflected glare on glass, and reduces glare when shooting over water or snow fields. (LE & MIL only)

  • Anti-Reflection Device (ARD)

    KillFlash ® ARDs use a high-tech honeycomb material to provide a low-cost, retrofittable, field-practical way to hide reflections from optical surfaces.

  • Adapter Ring

    Adapter Rings are used to attach various accessories like killFlash ® ARD's or Flip Covers to your riflescope.

  • Flip Cover

    Flip Covers provide protection for your optic and can conveniently flip up and out of the way when it's time to shoot.

For ELCAN and Tangent Theta specific parts please visit those optic models from the main menu.

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