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ARD - Scope Cover Compatible for the Trijicon Tenmile/Tenmile HX 6-24x50 | Black | Objective | 50NFCC-ARD

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This ARD - Scope Cover Compatible ARD is designed to fit the Trijicon line of Tenmile/Tenmile HX 6-24x50 optics. Please note that this Tenebraex ARD fits the Objective side of the optic. The official Tenebraex Part number for this product is 50NFCC-ARD

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Please note that Tenebraex orders are built to order, and normally it take 7-10 days to be built in our production department.
For shipping estimates please add that time to your estimated shipping time from the factory to your location.

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Tenmile/Tenmile HX 6-24x50
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Q: What are Tenebraex ARDs made from?
A: They are constructed from aluminum, or a combination of aluminum and a molded plastic blend - depending on which ARD you select, but the magic is in the honeycomb! Tenebraex's® proprietary XLUME® coating on the honeycomb absorbs light, further reducing the potential for glint or reflections.

Q: Will a Tenebraex ARD also work as a sunshade?
A: Our 2" honeycomb killFLASH® ARD provides the same performance as a 6" sunshade. Premium performance, reduced size.

Q: How do I install my Tenebraex ARD?
A: Tenebraex killFlash® ARDs are available in threaded models, and clamp style designs for smaller objectives or those that do not have an accessory thread. Slip-over clamp style ARDs are available from 30mm-48mm. Our threaded ARDs are available for specific optic models from 24mm rifle scope objectives to 80mm spotter scopes.

Q: Can I get a Tenebraex ARD that will work with the Tenebraex Scope Covers I have for my optic?
A: The vast majority of our killFlash® ARDs are Scope Cover compatible and can be used with our Tactical Tough covers providing protection to the ARD, and another level of protection for the optic glass. First, be sure that you are looking at the listing for your exact scope model, and if the ARD listed is designated as “Scope Cover Compatible”, then YES, a Tenebraex Scope Cover will attach to it! Next, be sure to order the Scope Cover Compatible Tenebraex ARD that is listed for the objective end of your optic.

Q: I’m a hunter, will a Tenebraex ARD help me keep from spooking my prey with glint?
A: YES! Feedback from various hunters have told us our killFlash® ARDs keep hogs, turkeys, timber wolves, mountain sheep, and elk from becoming spooked due to the glint from their optics.

Q: What is the warranty on Tenebraex products?
A: We offer a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. For more information, please use the contact us form.