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The all-new Tangent Theta TT735P, 7-35x56mm Rifle Telescope is the latest release in our line of extreme-range precision sighting instruments for professional marksmen.

This 35x rifle optic delivers better positive target identification at distance with increased magnification, features the ability to parallax down 10 meters and is 24mm shorter than our 25x models, all benefits to the Extreme Long Range and Precision Rifle Series marksman. The TT735P includes Tangent Theta’s legendary elevation and windage turrets that deliver precise tactile response and feature a truly TOOL-LESS RE-ZERO® procedure and lockable diopters.

Tangent Theta rifle telescopes are built in Canada and are specifically designed and function-tested for long lifecycles in the harshest of environmental conditions.

User Manual

Key Features

  • 56mm objective lens
  • 36mm main tube
  • Will focus down to 10 meters
  • eleven reticle illumination settings
  • side parallax adjustment
  • TOOL-LESS RE-ZERO® feature (US Patent # 10,591,253)
  • non-translating knobs with elevation zero-stop
  • double-turn elevation with rev indicator
  • 7-35x magnification range
  • lockable rapid adjusting diopter



Magnification 7x-35x
Length 405mm
Width 103mm
Height 86mm
Weight 1230g
Tube diameter 36mm
Objective bell diameter 65mm
Objective lens diameter 56mm nominal
Eyepiece diameter 48mm
Reticle options Gen 3 XR Fine, JTAC, Tremor3
Field of View @ 7x 3.1 degrees (5.41m @ 100m)
Field of View @ 35x 0.62 degrees (1.08m @ 100m)
Diopter range -3 to +2.5
Eye relief 90mm
Exit pupil @ 7x 8mm
Exit pupil @ 35x 1.6mm
Re-zero mechanism TOOL-LESS RE-ZERO® (patent pending)
Elevation Total Range 30 mrad
Windage Total Range 14mrad
Elevation Working Range 28 mrad
Windage Working Range +/- 6 mrad
Adjustment resolution 0.1 mrad
Parallax adjustment range 10m to infinity
Crosshair illumination LED, 11 settings
Battery type DL2032 3v lithium
Exterior finish Type II Anodized, matte
Waterproof: 4 hours @ 10 meters
Shockproof: 700g's @ 10,000 cycles
Standard accessories: Tenebraex lens covers & ARD
Product Group:
Tangent Theta
Optic Brand:
Tangent Theta

1 Review

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    Exceeds expectations

    Posted by Jonny on 2024 Apr 16th

    As an avid marksman who demands precision and reliability, I've found the Tangent Theta 7-35 Professional Rifle Scope to be unparalleled in its class. The first thing to note is the exceptional glass quality; the scope offers outstanding clarity and resolution, which is critical for identifying and hitting distant targets accurately. The optical performance, especially under varying light conditions, remains consistently superb thanks to its high-quality coatings which enhance light transmission and reduce glare. The scope's mechanical build is another highlight. It features precise and tactile turrets with distinct clicks that provide accurate and repeatable adjustments. The elevation and windage knobs offer a solid feel, allowing for quick and precise zeroing—a must for long-range shooting. The parallax adjustment is smooth and fine-tuned, enabling clear focus on targets at different distances without any perceptible error. Moreover, the reticle design in the Tangent Theta is thoughtful, with subtensions that are useful for both range estimation and windage corrections without cluttering the sight picture. It maintains a fine balance between functionality and simplicity, which is crucial for high-stakes shooting scenarios. In summary, the Tangent Theta 7-35 Professional Rifle Scope is an exemplar of engineering excellence, designed with the discerning shooter in mind. It excels in every technical aspect—from optics to ergonomics—making it a top-tier choice for anyone serious about precision shooting. It’s a significant investment that delivers performance worthy of its price.

Q. Why do I have illumination issues with my Tremor3 or H59 reticle?
A. Due to licensing agreements with Horus, we are limited in what we can illuminate to only the center dot and (on the Tremor3) the 2, 4, 6, and 8 MRAD dot below the horizontal crosshair. Our illumination module is also designed to limit stray light emissions from the front of the scope, which means that illumination on the Horus reticles we offer is optimized for use in low light and clip on night vision. As such, you may not be able to see the illumination with the naked eye during the day.

Q. What rings should I use?
A. We mostly use Badger Ordnance and Cadex Defence mounts here, but any high end mounting solution will work well for you as long as you take care to follow the torque guidelines set out in the instructions.

Q. What is the torque spec when installing my Tangent Theta scope?
A. For our TT525 and TT315 'P' series scopes (34mm tube) we recommend up to 25 in/lbs. For our TT315M & LHR (30mm tube) we recommend 15 in/lbs.

Q. What is the warranty for my TT?
A. We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect, and we conduct all warranty and non-warranty repairs at our facility here in Halifax. The same people who built your scope will be the ones to look after it in the unlikely event it needs any work done.

Q. How do I clean my scope glass?
A. First, use a soft brush or cloth to remove any dirt or grit. Then use either the microfiber end of the included lens pen or a quality microfiber cloth to clean the lens. Use a circular motion, working from the inside to the outside.