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“Fantastic! I’m completely blown away by the quality of my new ceramic vase and will be placing another order very soon.”
- Joanna Rose

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Tough Enough for the World You Fight in

The Armament Technologies team happen to know what they're talking about. Not only do they include engineers and designers, but high end precision marksmen as well. They know that the investment you make in your rifle and your riflescope is significant. So they set out in 1992 to create an affordable line of accessories to address the dangers of reflection.

Reflections being seen by an enemy have determined the outcome of many famous battles and skirmishes, including the battle for Henderson Airfield in the Battle of Guadalcanal, the Carlos Hathcock—NVA sniper duel during the Vietnam war, the Zaitsev-Koning sniper duel in the Battle of Stalingrad, and the battle of Little Round top at Gettysburg (reflections from equipment). Moshe Dayan, the Israeli general, got his famous eye patch when a sniper saw reflection of the sun from his binoculars.

Tenebræx® products offer patented technology that work to prevent reflection and enhance the use of your riflescope. Tenebræx® products are used by militaries, international competitors, and expert hunstmen alike. The Tenebræx® line offers Anti-Reflection Devices, Optical Filter Systems, Polarizers, SunGuard™, and Tactical Tough™ Flip Covers for most brands and models of riflescopes on the market.

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The Ability to Remain Undetected is Paramount to Survival and Mission Success.

Today, no military force would think of going into the field without camouflaging their troops and equipment. Modern camouflage has made detection of equipment or the human form far more difficult. Being detected because of reflections has resulted in the loss of personnel, the failure of missions, and even changed the course of battles.

ARDs (Anti-Reflection Devices) use a high-tech honeycomb material and unique geometry to provide a low-cost practical way to hide reflections from optical surfaces. Tenebræx’s® ARDs are used by U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Special Forces.