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Gen 3XR Reticle

  • Traditional crosshair design
  • Half and full MRAD subtentions on the crosshairs allow accurate holdover for both wind and elevation
  • Lots of open glass to easily spot your trace and fall of shot
  • Bold stadia lines mean the reticle stands out even against low contrast backgrounds
  • Illumination is restricted to only the center of the crosshairs
Gen 3XR Reticle


  • Built around a center aiming dot
  • 0.2 MRAD subtentions allow for precise ranging and holdovers, not requiring the user to hold in space
  • Subtentions in the crosshairs increase in size from 0.2 – 0.8 MRAD, with a dot marking each full MRAD allowing the user to quickly find their correction
  • Up to 5 MRAD of wind holds left and right below the horizontal for compensation at long range
  • Allows for fast second shot corrections

Scopes With the Gen 3XR Reticle